The birth of Ken’iku Festival

 Endo district in the northwest part of Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It has been 30 years since the opening of a general hospital was eagerly awaited here.
 Shonan Keiiku Hospital opened on November 6, 2017.

Shonan Keiiku Hospital established in the “Forest of Health and Culture” was founded on the principle of providing seamless medical care ranging from community medicine to high quality rehabilitation and chronic care, as well as practicing cutting-edge research on health promotion and anti-aging medicine in collaboration with the university, and respecting the “individualistic” way of life of the patients.
 At the same time, we have committed to being a member of the local community as a hospital loved by and working with the community from the preparatory stage of the hospital’s opening,

It was decided to hold a “Ken’iku Festival” to build a community that connects the community and the hospital. It aims at creating an opportunity for people to learn how to be healthy by 6-category-programmes “Agriculture & Meal”, “Heart & Music” and “Exercise & Play”.

In its first year of operation, the Festival was held on May 20, 2018. The second edition of the festival was held on November 10, 2019.

 The festival is organized by the Ken’iku Festival Committee, whose members include local residents, community development organizations, civic centers, farmers, restaurants and other exhibitors, local industries, Keio University SFC, and Shonan Keiiku Hospital.
 We will enjoy planning and organizing the festival in cooperation with the local residents to promote health and wellness from Fujisawa city to the world.

Greeting by Hosts

Mitsuhiro WATANABE

Representative, Health Science Laboratory of Keio University SFC Research Institute
Director, Ken’iku Festival Association

The Ken’iku Festival has been held since three years ago with the aim of delivering health information from Keio University and Shonan Keiiku Hospital who works in search of the world’s most advanced health science, and proposing a healthy lifestyle from Fujisawa city in cooperation with communal organizations, local businesses and companies involved in health promotion and disease prevention.
 This year, the 3rd Ken’iku Festival will be completely different from last year, a hybrid of the web and the festival. We hope that this gives you an opportunity to take a fresh look at your health and happiness with a variety of lectures and events, as well as health-related exhibitions and sales.
 Please come to this health education festival full of information that will make you “Gokigen“!

Norihiro SUZUKI

Director, Shonan Keiiku Hospital

Keio University SFC and Shonan Keiiku Hospital are located in the forest of health and culture in the greenery of Endo, in Fujisawa City. The Ken’iku Festival this year will provide information on local activities, education and research, and health information on the web, together with the people of Endo and Shonan Keiiku Hospital.
We look forward to seeing you at the festival.

Tsutomu MITA

Director, Endo Machizukuri Communal Association

After the bamboo charcoal festival in the spring, hydrangea festival in the early summer and spider lily festival in the early fall, Endo now has a new festival to enjoy in late autumn. With the spread of the coronavirus throughout the world this year, we hope that this health education festival will be online escaping from “3 Cs” (San-Mitsu)
・Closed spaces(Mippei Kuukan)
・Crowded places(Misshu Basho)
・Close-contact setting(Missetsu Bamen)
and will be an opportunity for people to get to know what kind of place Endo is. And next year, we would like you to meet people and the region in Endo. It is with these thoughts that we welcome you to the 3rd Ken’iku Festival.


Representative, Pen Limited
Secretary-general, Ken’iku Festival Association

Creating a culture of “health” from Fujisawa. With this in mind, the Ken’ikusai Festival, which began as a festival to promote health, has added a new activity for visitors each time they come to the festival. This year, the third edition, we are challenging ourselves to do what we can do only in the midst of the spread of the coronavirus online. We hope you will enjoy the Health Education Festival again!

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